Had a lot of fun posing this guy! I really wanted to work with a more dynamic action pose showing the intensity of who he is as well as show how fun horns can be. This creature is an adaptation from the Stag Beetle, also known as the Stag Warrior. Their species is a role fitting civilization. Because of his large frame he was designated to be a warrior. Trained to be Very dedicated to their craft, the Stag Warriors duty is to protect his kind. His Armor is designed specifically for the warriors of the tribe. The weapons and armor are individually made, no tools to mass produce. The use of leather is gathered from animals that occupy the forests. The warriors in this civilization tend to be very large creatures ranging between 7 and 10 feet tall. They live in caves dug in the mountains near resources such as water and forests. They have no mouths, but absorb sap from the trees for energy.

Working on Updating this guy, The concept has further developed and am re working the topology and UV's to be textured.